Targeting the Kinome
December 4th - 6th 2006,
Congress Center,
600 Delegates from 28 countries registered
Pictures from the symposium now available!
Confirmed speakers:
Kari Alitalo, Mario Barbacid, David Barford, Philip Cohen, Sara Courtneidge, George Demetri, Doriano Fabbro, Jim Fagin, Pascal Furet, Carlos Garcia-Echeverria, Susan Gasser, Mike Hall, Carl-Hendrik Heldin, Tony Hunter, Nancy Hynes, Sandra Jacob, Heidi Lane, Alex Levitzki, David Livingston, Nick Lydon, Paul Manley, Alex Matter, Adrian Merlo, Peter Parker, Tony Pawson, Thomas Roberts, Yossi Schlessinger, Bill Sellers, Radek Skoda, Mike Stratton, George Thomas, Axel Ullrich, Victor Velculescu, Jürgen Wagner, Owen Witte and Mike Yaffe.
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