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Why Renji?

Renji.org is named after my favorite character in the anime/manga Tennis no Oujisama, Yanagi Renji. When I bought this domain in 2004, I was pretty much obsessed with him, and he still remains one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. If you're interested in learning more about him, please visit The Zen of Renji, his fanlisting.


The layout does not actually feature Renji, but another character I love. This is my favorite image of one of my favorite manga characters, Kigai Yuuto of CLAMP's X. It was featured in the January 2003 issue of Asuka magazine. The layout was designed by the wonderful Mura.

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Rikkai: Moved and Revamped!

In Disorderly Conduct| Monday February 26 2007

Kim and I used to co-own the Rikkai fanlisting, and it was housed on her domain. But last week I took it over completely, moved it to renji.org, and it got a complete revamping - new layout and name, and an actual about section! Please take a look around the new version, Disorderly Conduct, and join if you haven't already.We also want to thank our partners https://www.targeting-the-kinome.org/ and say about 600 Delegates from 28 countries registeredPictures from the symposium now available!

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